About John Fernandez

Discovery years

From 14 – 19 I fell in love with electronics, science and the internet. I created things that I never patented because of the lack of resources. During this time I also grew fond of eBay, learned to find reliable websites that sold products at low prices, and learned to identify scams. 

My first business

In 2003 I turned 21 and went to work full time to provide for my newborn son. I began my first business during this time, selling and installing car audio and video electronics. 

I had all I needed; a rusty tool box, a cell phone, $280 and a list of reliable websites for car electronics at low prices. 

I made flyers offering to sell and install TV packages in cars for $499. I put them on car windshields outside businesses like Walmart, Macy’s and Best Buy, in wealthier cities. 

Within the same day, people called. To my surprise, most callers were not from parking lots of Best Buy and Macys. They were from Walmart. 

I was good at landing customers, but quickly found myself without products because shipping took long. So I began to call car audio shops and behold… I found out I was getting my products for less than what they paid. 

My internet skills gave me leverage. I would go to car audio shops and sell them equipment that would be shipped, then use the money at another shop to buy what I needed for my customers who needed something immediately. 

This business ended fast as Walmart reported me for distributing flyers in their parking lots. In retrospect, passing flyers at Walmart was like advertising today on Amazon or Walmart websites. (Yes you can do this)

Learning operational skills from the best

At 23 in 2005, I began working as a temp in a support position at Schneider National, the worlds largest transportation company. I helped  drivers and other support agents, some of who were outsourced to other countries (I learned a lot about outsourcing overseas).

Four months later I received a message from a truck driver saying he was having a stroke. Unable to communicate, and with just enough information, I left the office to search the 10 freeway, even though I knew I could lose my job for leaving.

I found the driver and called 911 to provide the location for the ambulance to save him. 

Shortly after, my position was moved to Wisconsin and since I was a temp, I was left without a job. However, after a few months I received an offer and returned to Schneider as an official employee.  

Within less than a year, I was promoted to account manager and at only 24 years old I was entrusted with over 100 employees. Some of who were known to be the most elite of all operating centers in the United States. 

Being an account manager taught me valuable lessons in humility, ethics, leadership, hard work and intelligent operational skills. I made many mistakes and I am thankful for my employees who had decades of experience to share with me, my mentors, and courses I was provided. 

While working for the company, I was exposed software like Oracle, which began my infatuation with automation and optimization. As a result, my numbers went through the roof and my employees and superiors were happy. Unfortunately, it was so good, other managers in the United States complained. 


A collapse and chance to rebuild

In 2008 I was laid off after the economy collapsed. The company provided me with a professional who helped people find jobs, yet I could not find one. I was always too young and over qualified. 

Since then, I worked for several companies wearing multiple hats because of the poor economy. Experiences which harnessed my passion for ideology, technology and creating solutions. That was when I began my business Lure Solutions and ran it as a side business.

eCommerce and the digital world

The first eCommerce platform I put my hands on was eBay, followed by Volusion which I very much disliked. Then one year I discovered Magento eCommerce website platform and I became obsessed with its SEO, development and integration abilities. 

After some time, I began to acquire eCommerce marketing and advertising clients. My understanding of technical aspects helped me create more advanced solutions such as landing pages that utilized IP addresses to distinguish content including pricing.

The present and the future

Presently, I own a few businesses, partner with companies and teach business owners and their departments. I’m blessed to work with talented people from California to the Philippines, as we slowly progress towards building better eCommerce experiences and processes. 

As for other aspirations, I am presently working on a project that would help provide education and job training for underprivileged communities in different countries. I was inspired by Elon Musk, who is working right now in SpaceX to bring internet to countries without it because of the cost of running physical cable. It’s a big deal and it makes me excited for the future of discovery.