Older Sales Leaders, Learn About Online Operations and Take Control

Many older sales leaders in older companies are dealing with sales drop if they have not embraced online sales. They have been used to their way of making money for the company,  and it has likely not been focused online.

Many leaders know that times are changing because they see it happening daily as companies close or restructure. Some of these sales leaders feel as if their experience and knowledge will become obsolete. This is far from true.


The online world is changing this very minute. Freelancers and companies are currently making applications that are simplifying the online experience and making them the preferred method by consumers.

Did you know that even buying groceries online is currently growing like crazy? Well it is and you can’t stop it. You should not want to anyways.

For years Amazon reigned supreme. It is often suspected as the reason why many businesses struggle today.

If a business did not strategically jump on eCommerce before, they have a high chance of closing. But no to worry. Amazon is currently facing a tidal wave of challengers this very second and things are going to get interesting.


It’s time for you to take online operations seriously. You don’t have a spare minute to waste because if you do, you could likely lose your precious job due to low sales. Worst of all you can run the company you work for into the ground and make it another one of those companies that closed because of failure to embrace online operations.

You as a leader need to get back on the front lines and take charge. And guess what… you don’t need to be a technology, marketing, and eCommerce guru. A tidal wave of Amazon challengers are already sending some of Amazons many businesses to the stone age.

New technology is being created and tested daily that will create better shopping experiences than Amazon. Therefore, what you need to is educate yourself on whats going on now and partner with these companies to bring your company back to the top.


If we look on Indeed.com, we can find what seems to be an endless amount of people who say they are online marketing or eCommerce professionals. But are they really? Just because they are young does not mean they have the skills. Just because they made a do-it-yourself Wix website does not mean they have the experience. Far from this folks.

What you should do right now is not hire but instead contract. Why? Because you think you know what you need but very likely don’t even have a clue. The amount of complexities today outnumber that of even 5 years ago. So don’t think about hiring right now, instead seek an online eCommerce consultant that will guide you to bring together your plan of action or even build your new department. Did I say build departments? Yes I did, because that is what we are talking about doing in some cases.

You can also opt to contract an employment agency with experience in providing with professional eCommerce and online personnel.


Here is the recipe for success. How it’s done is dependent on the professional bringing it all together. Save this information and make sure that you accomplish each task.

  • Determine the correct website platform for your purpose and future
  • Use the correct customer service technologies for your purposes that integrate to your website
  • Perform advanced SEO strategies that can become assets
  • Utilize A/B testing and analytic tools to decrease cost and increase conversions
  • Create advanced advertisements utilizing funnels and landing pages
  • Find the right technologies that makes you the easier choice to buy from or work with (customer experiences).
  • Utilize strategized social media engagers without breaking the bank
  • Implement link building strategies to rank higher organically on search engines, maps and other websites

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on my website https://www.johnangelofernandez.com

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