What is Magento – Simplified

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For people that want a basic understanding, Magento is an industry leading and glorious website platform to sell products online. Now that you understand it in layman terms, allow me to give Magento some justice.

Magento is an open-source software platform that allows programmers and developers robust flexibility as to what technologies they can integrate it with. This in itself sets Magento apart from many website platforms. It means even Magento’s free community version is not in the same realm as other website platforms like Shopify.

To better explain the open-source capabilities of Magento, I will use a real scenario. I am sure you have all heard of Shopify’s inexpensive version right? The famous do-it-yourself platform allows almost anyone to make a simple ecommerce website in a day or two. However, what the users don’t know is what they give up when they use simple website platforms like Shopify.

With Shopify, you don’t have the freedom to choose from dozens of payment gateways. Platforms like Shopify restrict the payment gateways they provide. This in itself is a deal breaker for many companies. Because it means you can’t negotiate what you pay per transaction. If some companies switched to Shopify, this gateway issue alone would cost them even up to millions of dollars per year. Now this is just one issue. I could write endless articles on how many other issues there are with simple platforms.

Magento is not for everyone. Because Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform, it is not user friendly. Even running the software for Magento is expensive as it requires a strong server. Hiring developers to make Magento websites is expensive and in many cases when companies don’t have any tech-savvy people in their staff, even maintenance of Magento is expensive.

So the question now is… If Magento is so expensive and robust why should you use it? Simple. In the long term for serious businesses only (small or big), Magento can actually save them money and also help them make more money by utilizing current technologies that can make Amazon not be the preferred choice for your customers.  Whoa… That was a big statement.

Lure Solutions builds websites on Magento, Shopify and more platforms. If you are unsure of what to use, first write down your goals and then contact Lure Solutions. They will be able to give suggestions and even comparisons for your specific situation.

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